Free English Class – really you are not obliged to pay anything (or purchase), except for one coffee or one drink.

The Goal

Unlocking your tongue, encourage you to speak. A load of grammar and drilling the rules can be demotivating so why not to do it the easy way – just speak. You will pick rules later on the go.

Why Free?

I just prefer not to become a professional teacher. I am enjoying benefits of social meetings, nice conversations and free drink can make my day.

Who can attend?

Truly anybody. Younger, older, solo or small group. Beginner, advanced, student or business professional. If you are level B2 or any below I can help you to grow. If you are C1 or native (C2), I can probably help you to adapt to ESL environment and local cultural language hacks (see my English 4 Expats).

When and Where?

Well I travel a lot. So technically anywhere around the World where I am at that moment. On demand schedule. In fact I do not post my “tour dates” on any regular basis so the best way is to follow me on social network.