Did you just landed in the country? Do you feel like on a different planet? Are you native English speaker but your message is hard to deliver? Is meaning of your words misinterpreted? Do you need to deal with legal, governmental, institutional or banking clerk and be sure you are fine? Welcome to world of International English where cultures and other languages affect the syntax and perhaps the meaning too. English 4 Aliens is our paid service for expats and visitors.

Supported countries and areas

I provide English Speaking Services for Aliens in Slovakia, Czech republic and U.S.A. (selected areas of US). As native Slovak I am fluent in Slovak and in Czech. I am experienced in governing and I know common rules in SK, CZ and US. I am also capable of several other languages used around Europe so understanding different tongues helps me to understand ESL speaker nuances.

Do you need to meet clerk or officer in country? I am able to help with translate and also i will help to accommodate your needs to local law and practices. You may like to have me on your side in these (or similar) situations:

  • immigration and registration for residency
  • social and health institutions
  • banking houses
  • utility & telco contracts
  • renting or purchasing condo or house
  • registering a vehicle
  • setting up your post service
  • starting a business
  • legal services – finding a capable lawyer
  • labor rules and rights
  • civil rules and rights
  • accounting and tax services
  • avoiding local traps

Why native speakers can face difficulties?

Being native English speaker is perfect. Unless this is your only language. Please do not feel offended – you of have this tongue handicap. You probably speak fast, with dialect or slang, or you are using idioms that are meaningful in your origin but not elsewhere. There are many situations, where ESL speakers do understand face value of the word but will not get anything deeper or behind. I can help you to accommodate your communication to local track.

How much does it cost?

“Showing ropes” is starting from 30 € per hour. Please consult details.